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Setup Instructions

*It is important to note that we base our support off of these install instructions. If you deviate from them you will lose support.

* The new launcher requires latest version of .NET to run correctly if you are running 4.0 or below you will need to upgrade your .NET framework.

Latest .NET framework

1. Download Launcher HERE

2. Click on the install you downloaded (SWGRogueOne-NO-NGE-Icons.exe, SWGRogueOne-NGE-Icons.exe, SWGRogueOne-Launcher-ONLY.exe)

2.a You will be prompted to select your language then click "OK"

2.b Select the folder path you want to install SWG Rogue One to then click "Next"

2.c Select if you would like a start menu folder created and if you would like the change the name of the start menu folder. If you do not want a start menu folder then you can click on the check box at the bottom of the screen. Either way when you are ready click "Next"

2.d If you would like to create a desktop shortcut to the launcher select the checkbox and then click "Next"

2.e Confirm your install options and click "Install"

2.f The install process will start wait for that to complete.

2.g When the install is finished you can just click finish and it will launch the RO Launcher for and start the download process for the TRE files you need to play on RogueOne.

3. Once you have the launcher installed and it is launched it will start downloading the required TRE Files it needs to play on RogueOne

4. Once it has downloaded all the RO required TRE files you will be ready to click play and load into RogueOne


I got a error saying "You are missing TRE files"

If you received this you do not have all the SWG Base TRE files installed and there are two solutions to correct this issue.

1. Click on the menu item Tools -> TRE Options -> Copy TRE files from another directory

1.a Then a new window will display where you can select the location of your base SWG install is located

1.b Click on the button that says "Copy Tre Files From" and this will bring up a folder browser window.

1.c Select the directory where your base SWG install is and click "OK"

1.d Now click on the button that says "Copy TRE Files" and your TRE files will be copied over to your install location.

1.e Close the Copy window and click on the "Check TRE Files" in the menu bar

1.f This will validate that you have copied over the files and once its done you should see the play button and can login into RogueOne

Option 2 would be to reinstall SWG and once that has been done follow the instructions above to copy over the require TRE Files.

I get this message on my launcher "You are missing SWG install TRE files, reinstall SWG to be able to play"

See above instructions to correct this issue.

How do I change my resolution of my game client?

Open up your install directory and click on RogueOne_Setup.exe

Once this application is open you can change your resolution of your game client. (this will be added to Launcher v1.6.1 when its released in the near future)
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